Do Your Contacts Really Know You?

Do Your Contacts Really KNOW You?

Networking isn’t just about selling your product or service; it’s about selling yourself and more importantly, it’s about building relationships. You probably don’t want to put it all out on the table the first time you meet someone, but you do want to leave a memorable impression and work toward the “like” of the Know Like Trust formula.

So what can you do to help your networks know you?

  • Smile – Be engaging, be positive. Happiness is very memorable (and contagious).
  • Ask questions – While your networking, ask about people, get to know them and really listen.
  • Bring props – While you are networking, if you bring items that are memorable, you will be memorable. If you like to golf bring a golf ball if you like a sports team wear their colors. Create a memorable personal brand!
  • Take time with each person – Try not to move from one person to the next too quickly. Before you move on; ask one more question.
  • Be Choosy with Social Media Connections – When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, try to follow up with that person at another time. LinkedIn will tell you when someone is having a birthday or reaching a work anniversary. Comment on those events and talk to your contact about the milestone next time you see him/her.
  • Share fun facts about yourself – Don’t just talk about what you do at work. Talk about accomplishments, family members, hobbies, bloopers, childhood antics.
  • Do more one-on-one meetings – If you notice that you aren’t getting good results from your networking, take time to meet with some great networkers and get their feedback about your networking.
  • Wear a name tag – If you don’t have a name tag, get one made; it shows that you are serious about your networking and it helps people remember who you are.
  • Speak loudly and clearly – This might be obvious, but pronunciation could be keeping you from making yourself known. Saying your name a couple times and saying the name of your contacts at an event will help you remember them and help them remember you. My French teacher in high school always said, “5 times and it’s yours!”

Try these techniques and see if they have an impact on your networking!

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