When Do People Trust?

Know, like, and trust don’t always happen in that order. Sometimes we are pushed into trusting someone before we know that person maybe because we have an urgent need for their services. Sometimes you have to “go with your gut” or “take a leap of faith” when you select someone to be a service provider. There are ways to build trust quickly, although trust can be lost and maybe not gained back as easily.

Build Trust

Trust is often built due to knowing someone and liking someone. There are organizations that help people build trust
faster. If you are in a fraternity with someone, you often by-pass much of the trust-building stage. Other organizations that offer the “trust-factor” are churches, schools, community service organizations, networking groups, special interests groups. If you trust a company, you often will trust their representatives based on that trust. 

What can you do to build trust? 

  • Be reliable.
  • Be available. 
  • Be present.
  • Practice good eye contact.
  • Be a good listener; don’t interrupt people.
  • Be early.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be trustworthy. This may seem obvious, but offering services that are trusted, providing services in a timely manner and being consistent can make a huge impact. 
  • Remember names or ask for them if you don’t remember them. 
  • Allow your contacts to get to know you so they begin to like you. 
  • Contribute to an organization’s needs. If you constantly duck out early or you are never willing to help, it will be difficult to build trust.
  • Be affiliated with a trusted organization in your industry.
  • Earn relevant certifications.
  • Have products, services, and or advice that you can give for free to show people you are knowledgeable.
  • Join the Better Business Bureau or other well-known entity in your industry.

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