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Do You Contacts Really Know You?


Whether you are a teacher, a small business owner, a CEO, a realtor, a lawyer, an insurance agent…you have a network. You may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year on networking costs like memberships, events, travel expenses and food. How are you measuring the success of this time, energy, and cost?

What if You Could Measure Your Networking Results?

Know Like Trust is an affordable online service that uses your current contact list from your phone, Google, and/or Linkedin to help you understand the impact of your networking efforts.

How does this happen?

  1. You send us a spreadsheet of your email contacts or allow KLT to access your contacts via your phone, your Gmail account or your LinkedIn Account.
  2. We send one email or text to your contacts and ask them to complete a short survey with 4 questions and a response scale of 1-10. We also add a text field in case your contacts want to add a comment.*
    Do you know me?
    Do you know what I do?
    Do you like me?
    Do you trust me?
  3.  We send you an email with the number of people who responded and pricing options for your report between $19.95 and 99.95 based on the customization you select. You can select the following criteria for your report:
  4. A random sample of 100 responses – $19.95
    All responses – Based on Number of Responses; ranges from $19.95 to $99.95
    100 Responses from personal email addresses (yourfriend@aol.com) – $24.95
    100 Responses from company email addresses (yourfriend@knowliketrust.xyz) – $24.95
    The first 100 responses $24.95


  5. If you decide to purchase the report, you pay for the report online and we send your report within 48 hours. It includes the data we received from your survey without any names or other revealing information about your contacts.* We will also give you personalized networking tips based on your results.
  6. In one month, if you have received more than 15 more responses, we will either send you a second report or a second email to ask if you want to upgrade to the next tier of your report if your new responses take you to the next tier.
  7. That’s it! You can use the service for any list you like and as many times as you like to see if you are improving your networking abilities.
  8. To get tips for improving your networking efforts, join our email list with the form on this page!

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*If any of your contacts put their name in the text field, they accept the risk that their name may be in your report. We do not keep your contact list for our marketing efforts. Anyone interested in his/her own custom report will click through to learn more and sign up.

We will add your photo/logo to your report to help your contacts to quickly remember who you are.
Your file only needs 1 column: Email. If you have a file that has both fields, we can map those fields correctly. You can send .xls or .csv file formats.
Just in case you have 2 separate lists. Your file only needs 1 column: Email. If you have a file that has both fields, we can map those fields correctly. You can send .xls or .csv file formats.

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 Please tell your contacts about Know Like Trust. If you refer 5 friends your next report is on us!