How to Export Your Gmail Contacts

To get a KLT report you need to download your contacts into a spreadsheet: it’s very easy. Here is a guide for Gmail.


  1. Log in to your Gmail account. In the top left corner of the screen, there will be a small box that says “Mail.”

Export Your Gmail Contact List


2. Click the arrow and select Contacts.

Find Your Gmail Contacts

3. You will see a list of your contacts. You can select which ones to include in your list or you can check the box at the top of the page to select all your contacts.

4. Once all of your contacts are selected, click the “More” button at the top of the page and select “Export.”

5. Select the number of contacts you want in the file you are exporting and the type of file. The Google CSV file will work. Then select “Export.”

Export Your Contacts from Google

6. You will then select what you want the file to be called and where it should go. Your file will then be downloaded to your computer. You can open it and edit it with Microsoft Excel or Numbers on a Mac. For your KLT Report, you will only need one column; the email address. If you want to delete the other columns you can, but if you don’t we will find the email row for you.