KnowLikeTrust is an online service that uses your current contact list to create honest actionable feedback.

How Does KLT Work?

  1. Sign up for your report and include a photo of your self along with your contact lists (we’ll accept up to two separate lists). You can export your list from any email platform including Gmail, Linkedin, and Outlook.
  2. We’ll put your list (up to 1200 emails) through a cleaning process to get to your best results! We’ll also send you the list of valid and invalid emails for you to organize and follow up. If you have a combination of 1000 good emails and social media connections we’ll begin your report. If you don’t have enough good emails to complete the report, we will refund the report portion of your purchase.
  3. We will send you your survey so you can approve it. We’ll also give you a link to post on your social media profiles. Once approved, we will send one email to your contacts to ask them to complete a short anonymous survey with 4 questions on a scale of 1-10. You can choose to add a text field in case your contacts want to add a comment.*
    • ~ Do you know me?
    • Do you know what I do?
    • Do you like me?
    • Do you trust me?
  4. We then create Your KLT Report includes the data we received from your survey without any names or other revealing information about your contacts.*  Your KLT Report also includes personalized networking tips based on your results. We respect your privacy. Your report will never be made public (We purge all reports every week.) With your report, we also send you an Excel file so you can compare your results as you obtain more reports.

Your KLT Report

That’s it! You can use the service for any list you like and as many times as you like to see if you are improving your networking abilities.

*If any of your contacts put their name in the text field, they accept the risk that their name may be in your report. We do not keep your contact list for our marketing efforts. Anyone interested in his/her own custom report will click through to learn more and sign up.